Foreign Services

Over the years, we have developed extensive and carefully selected network of reputable associate law firms, who matches our standards of efficiency, in order to co-ordinate and facilitate us in providing with one point services to our clients, according to their needs in various countries / jurisdictions of the world. We keep frequent interaction with our network of associates to evaluate the effectiveness of their assistance, and achieve desired results.  We have invariably been offering advice and assistance to several big corporate, medium sized entities and individuals, who are keen on embarking on an expansion of their business, in different parts of the world. 

We are handling entire range of services as to Patents, Trademarks, Industrial  Designs and Copyrights in almost every part of the globe.

In addition, we also assist in offering services in respect of Management of Intellectual Property Portfolio of our clients. These services are provided with an aim to reduce deficiencies of the IP portfolio and to recommend prompt remedies for the purpose of better enforcement of IP rights of our clients. We offer an in-depth analysis of our clients’ entire Intellectual property portfolio that in turn brings out even the minute discrepancies, if any, which usually remain unnoticed and unattended.

The International Department of S.S Datta & Associates is offering huge range of services including:

  • Searches and Opinions;
  • Filing, Prosecution and Registration of applications;
  • Annuities / Renewals;
  • Changes of ownerships, licensing, assignments and transfer of technology;
  • Litigation

 All in respect of in Patents, Trade Marks and Industrial Designs.


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